will you still love me when i’m no longer young and #instagay

Anyway, I’m going out to see a Fringe show with my friend, then go walking around the festival with her and another friend and it’ll be hella cool! See ya cuties later!

Have you ever met someone who is just so ridiculous that they can’t even be real. That they’re literally a parody of everything. It’s honestly unbelievable.


Things to do with your date:

  • Watch Naruto 
  • Do the Naruto run at a beach
  • Practice walking on water
  • Eat 3 bowls of Ramen 

Kate Nash - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
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i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you // kate nash

you are the girl that i’ve been dreaming of
ever since i was a little girl

Added an Anime List to my blog of animes I watch and/or reblog things from/of! And it will definitely be an ever growing list!



Why Guys Like Asian Girls - Anna Akana

Everyone needs to watch this video. Now.

100% on point especially about men thinking that having “yellow fever” is a compliment and we’re supposed to be flattered by it. It’s the #1 way to parade around your blatant racism.



Literally I Cant Ew

i will watch this until my eyes bleed

Devon Blezek - Muse
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